"Fuck You - 2016" Stickers (Pay if You Choose)

"Fuck You - 2016" Stickers (Pay if You Choose)


I made a thing, and would like people to have it if they want it.

This sentiment isn't for everyone; some people have had a great year. Maybe you made some good happen, despite a lot of bad stuff and this is more of a "HA! Take that, 2016!" And for those who had some events in 2016 that really knocked the wind out of you, or people you love, this is for you. Inspired by the Jon Oliver "Fuck You 2016" clip.

Vinyl cut stickers in gold metallic foil or matte black. Small are on the notebook and laptop, and the black one on the table is the bigger one. Just peel off the paper backing, carefully place where needed, and take your time removing the clear tape.

If you want a bigger one, or maybe printed on a shirt, get in touch and we'll make something happen.

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